Senseless Painful Lives in Tears

by Il Vuoto / Failor

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"Tears-I-Cleansing-Touch" is a brief story of what turns around depression and self-inflicted pains.
What flows along the twenty eight minutes and fifty eight seconds of recordings is the feelings and visions of a soul drawing near its mental failure.
What it perceives isn’t real, but it became so. What it does isn’t real as well. However it became very real inside its suffocating little world.

• Tears have been poured.
• Vocal is a distorted, disoriented person. Voice is IT.
• Quiet (after the half) part speech is Mark Henick, talking about “Why we choose suicide” at TEDxToronto annual conference in September two thousand and thirty three.
• Closure is still him.
• Near-the-end mist of noise and fuzz is a Mist of Noise and Fuzz.
• Till the end. Always presents.

With Sorrow.

"A Week in Modern Life" also deals with depression, but in a more materialist way. It is the tale of H, a man who works in a factory. His job is inhuman and alienating, killing him inside every day. H is constantly depressed and distressed. He spends his free mornings in anguish, trying not to think that he is going to work another day, but without success. Even Sunday is terrible for him, for the same reason. The only day he can rest is Saturday: he spends it in bed, wrapped in a veil of gloomy perdition. H has no family, no friend, no hobbies: the factory took away all of them. He can barely remember his past, he doesn’t see the future, and his present is a sickening haze, from which he just wants to escape. H has no will and no thoughts: his only strong idea it’s that the modern world is damn wrong.
• The song is divided into seven parts, and every part is a day of the week. Every part is also divided in two: the half of the day when H is free but distressed, and the other half, when he is forced to work.
• The intro is recorded with real industrial machinery, to carry the listener into the alienating life of the protagonist.
• Sunday is the worst day ever. It is not a new concept: the Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi already theorized it two centuries ago.
• Every day has its variations, but depression is forever the same.


released June 9, 2016

Il Vuoto:
Matteo Gruppi: vocals, all instruments
• Recorded by Matteo Gruppi between June and December 2015 @ WeakLight Studio, Piacenza.

E.: guitar, effects, mixing
M.: keyboard, percussions, drum programming
A Week in Modern Life:
• Recorded by Failor @ Wooden Casetta Rehearsal Room.
• Additional recording @ Tentazioni della Gola – Gelateria Pasticceria (ice creams), Genga (AN)

Cover artwork by E. (Failor).



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Failor Italy

Space ambient duo from Italy.

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